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About Me

I was born and raised on the west coast of Canada, and spent my formative years training in the performing arts. After high school I spent two years overseas, studying Thai language and culture in Bangkok, and Javanese art and culture in Surakarta. Upon my return to Canada, I completed my undergraduate and law degrees, and practised as associate counsel in the Legal Research group of a prominent Canadian law firm.

My first two novels, The Dead Wind and The Colour of Shadows, were inspired by the Javanese wayang kulit (shadow play), an art form that celebrates not only contrasts–good versus evil, female versus male, nobility versus servility–but moral ambiguity. Javanese dalang (puppeteers) are renowned for their ability to creatively convey the nuances of complex themes, such as justice and retribution. In keeping with the spirit of the wayang, I have endeavoured to thoughtfully convey the nuances of the morally ambiguous themes with which my stories are concerned.

My third novel What Remains of Us is set closer to home, in the fictional town of Fort Regent. It’s the story of a grieving mother haunted by more than just ghosts, and a testament to the power of forgiveness.

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