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The Colour of Shadows

Loren Bishop’s idealism makes her the perfect candidate for a career at Salvida, the multinational that’s “Growing a Better World”. The catch? She must represent Salvida at a trade conference—in Indonesia. Though fascinated by Java, the language and customs are as unfamiliar as the food and toilets, and Loren struggles to adapt.

At Salvida’s Javanese facility, a colleague disappears, absconding with research into a potentially lucrative new product. Under pressure to find the missing files, Loren inadvertently puts herself at odds with unscrupulous business rival Peter Cox. Convinced Salvida’s innovative product will save his failing company, Peter covets the missing files, and he’s willing to pad the pockets of corrupt officials to get what he wants.

The deeper Loren digs, the more trouble she unearths. The product may be worth a fortune, but it may also be lethal. Even worse, Salvida may already know. After a targeted attack kills several colleagues, Loren is forced to reconsider her mission—fleeing Java could cost Loren her career, but staying to search for the missing files could cost Loren her life.

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