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What Remains of Us

When Sarah Lockhart sees her son again, the shock is overwhelming—he died last year.

Within weeks of moving into her new home, Sarah’s four-year-old son Dylan passed away. His tragic death has taken a heavy toll on Sarah’s marriage, and she’s been self-medicating with booze. So when strange things start happening—a toy moves on its own, mysterious lights appear in her backyard—Sarah assumes she drank too much. But when she sees Dylan in his bedroom window, doubt gives way to certainty: her little boy is unable to cross over.

Dylan isn’t the only ghost haunting Sarah’s home. There are others, women whose gruesome wounds evidence unnatural deaths. These visitants bestow an unusual gift: a roll of film that offers clues about the deceased and their motives. If Sarah can identify the vaguely familiar women in the photographs, and determine their connection to her family, she believes she can help the restless spirits…and her son…find peace.

But investigations take time, and Sarah has precious little of it—her husband is desperate to sell the house where their son died. When he reveals his recent business trip was a ruse, an opportunistic ploy to seek out new employment elsewhere, Sarah faces a difficult choice. If she stays to investigate the hauntings, she’ll lose the man she loves. But if she leaves, her little boy could remain trapped between worlds forever.

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